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Jo Tyrrell

I have another of Laruccia's scuplted trees. It is similar to the one pictured with a more intricate roots and longer trunk. I am curious to know more about these. Are there many of them?

Michael Hutchings

Thanks for your note. The trees were made from about 1964-1972 and sold mostly at Gump's in San Francisco. There must be several hundred of various style from upright, twisted, windswept. All are made from copper and copper alloys. Some are polished, patinated and natural. I am restoring the ones you saw. I also am sculpting my own versions including 16" tall, 15 pound giants. If you are interested in selling the tree, let me know.




Hello Michael,

I work for an antique dealer in Massachusetts. We have recently purchased one of these trees that is signed. Please send me an email address at grandmasattic@antiquesat80charles.com. I will be happy to send you photos of three and you can let me know if you are interested in purchasing it from us.

Thank you,

John Dobson

We have a laruccia tree also, if you would like a picture please send us your email address, ours is landrumeclectics@yahoo.com.
Thanks, John.

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