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Ed Reynolds

Hello Mr. Hutchings,

I read some of your blog with great interest and much nostalgia.

I was a lab technician at U.S.Borax from 1958 through 1960 when I returned to school. Although I didn't assist Dominic (that's how he spelled his name then, actually it was Dominico Giovanni Phillipi Larrucia) we had many lively, educational, funny and philosophical discussions. He was a very fascinating individual. Unfortunately, much maligned too.

I did keep in touch while I still lived in Orange County (until 1963). He was dabbling with metal art then while at USBRC and then at Douglas Space.

I think he felt unaccepted in the science community and found the art world more friendly.

In 1965 I called him because I saw a large piece he made earlier, called "Winged Victory", as office decoration in a Rock Hudson movie titled "A Very Special Favor"

The last time I spoke with him was in early 2010. It was a melancholy conversation reviving lots of memories. A year later there was no answer, the number was gone...and so was he.

He was indeed a very talented man and I am grateful for the short time we spent together.

Ed Reynolds

Philip Charlton

Laruccia was also a superb flutist. Living in Orange, CA he taught me and others in his small house on Cambridge St.

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